Sunday, August 21, 2011

5 months!!

Riley is 5 months old today!! He is getting so big. He is a little chunk!!

When he turned for months we started on solids. So, this month has been all about food! We started on rice cereal for breakfast then gave him a veggie for supper. At first, he wasn't interested in the spoon. Now, he loves it! He didn't like carrots that much. But, that was the first thing we tried him on so he might like it the scond go around. Other than that he was liked all the veggies. Now on to the fruits!

Riley is stitting up good but falls forward. Before long he will be doing it all on his own.

This month we also got Riley a new ride. He loves to stand up more then anything. When you hold him all he wants to stand up. So we got him a walker. He loves it he can go backwards in it on the tile floor.

He is also tall enough now to touch the floor in his jumper. So, he is now jumping!!

He makes all kinds of cute noises and sounds!!

He has started daycare this month. He seems to like it. I just hope he is a good boy.

He is growing so much and learning something new everyday. I love seeing him trying to figure things out.

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